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QRDA Club Championship Pointscore


The QRDA conducts Club Championships for the following categories competing at CAMS State Championship events:  Sports Sedans, Improved Production U2L and O2L, Saloon Cars, Gemini, Hyundai Series X3, HQ Holden, Production Touring Cars, Group N, Sports & Production Sports Cars, Formula Ford, Formula Vee, Racing Cars and Superkarts.


The QRDA Club Championship Pointscore rewards consistency and finishes and is based on the following format:

1st Place – 25 Points, 2nd Place – 24 Points……………………. 25th Place – 1 Point.       If you do not finish a race, you score 0 Points.


The QRDA Club Champion is determined by dividing your Total Points by the Number of Races held for your category throughout the racing season. 


In 2018 Michael Dawes in the Holden Gemini won both his QRDA Gemini Club Championship and the Overall QRDA Club Championship Trophies, averaging a staggering score of 24.53 Points Per Race (out of a possible 25!)  In 2017, Jason Hore in his Formula Three car scored a brilliant average of 23.55 points per race to take our our Club Championship Crown!  In years past, we have had a healthy mix of Club Champions across the majority of our State Championship categories, proving the QRDA Club Championship to be the ultimate test of driver and team effort regardless of the category!


QRDA Club Championship Point Score conditions:

- Events scored are for CAMS Categories at State Championship or Multi Club events at Morgan Park Raceway or other venues as decided by the QRDA Committee.

- Non QRDA members are counted in the results of a race and issued a points value, but are not eligible for those points unless they are a financial member of the QRDA.  

- Co-Driver Races are not counted.

- Events where all competitors cannot compete in the same race against each other are not counted (ie. Nationals style events that feature heats/repecharge/final formats).

- Handicap races are not counted.

- Points are only scored from the time of receipt of membership.

- Minumum number of races for a category to qualify for QRDA Club Championship Honours = 6 Races.

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