Improved Production Cars

QRDA Improved Production Car Under 2 Litre Championship and

QRDA Improved Production Car Over 2 Litre Championship


Your QRDA contacts: Brett Batterby, Kyle Organ-Moore


National Admin: through your state based club, contact IPRAQ for details


National Website:


State Admin: Improved Production Racing Association Queensland


State Website:


Facebook: @ipraqld


Forum: tbc


Category Rules: CAMS Group 3J Improved Production Cars (as at 1-Jan-2019)



CAMS, QRDA and IPRAQ all hold Under and Over 2 Litre Championships, while the IPRAQ club also seperately awards their members in each capacity class:


Class A < 1600cc

Class B < 2000cc

Class C < 3000cc

Class D < 6000cc

Class E > 6000cc


Refer to manual for capacity tolerances.

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