Production Cars

QRDA Production Car Championship


Your QRDA contact: Tony Chapman


National Admin: there is no one group or body listed by CAMS for this class


National Series Website:


State Admin: Queensland Production Cars


State Website:


Facebook: @qldprodcars


Forum: @qldprodtouring (facebook group)


Category Rules: CAMS Group 3E Production Cars (as at 1-Jan-2019)



The QRDA and QPC held a one-off round of the QPC's club championship at the QRDA Annual Race Meeting in 2018.


For 2019, Morgan Park will see a full 4 round commitment from the QPC club, and with the expected influx of cars we have extended the Drivers Championship to include QRDA members racing in Production Cars across the 4 CAMS State Championship rounds!


Not only that, it means that all Production Car drivers who are also members of the QRDA will be racing for the overall Club Championship too. Last year that went to Gemini driver Mick Dawes. Could this year see a Production Car driver take the top spot? After last year's "decided on the last lap" nail biting finish there should be plenty of Improved Production, Group N and Saloon Car drivers with something to say about that... and did we mention a renewed HQ challenge on the horizon...


Look for the ever-growing QPC to be one of the features of the 2019 season, and find more information at their website here.

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