In addition to being affiliated with CAMS and being actively involved in the ongoing development of the sport, the QRDA also work together with a number of other category-based car clubs.


The following is a list of Categories that form the QRDA Awards with related links for direct contact with those categories and a brief description of what the category is about:



Highly modified Sedans, Coupes and Hatch Backs, with big flares and wings, engine swaps and custom chassis fabrication, the QRDA is the Sports Sedan car club in Queensland.



A mash-up of the best Le Mans and Grand Prix style cars in the country, the QRDA is the Sports & Racing Car club in Queensland.



The Liquorice Allsorts of Australian Touring Cars, spread over five engine capacity classes these cars use lightly modified production bodies, with control all weather tyres and a combination of factory and aftermarket parts in the suspension, brakes, engine, gearbox, axles, spoilers and more.


With modifications for safety and reliability, these are the closest you will get to racing a car straight from the showroom floor! A growing class in Queensland, there is a surge of interest and cars being built across a wide variety of sub-classes. From the humble Hyundai Getz through to AMG Mercedes and everything in between, they will race throughout the year in a combination of Sprint and Endurance formats.



The starting point for many a QRDA member, it has taught Touring Car, Sports Sedan and Formula Ford champions among others the basics since the early 80's



Hyundai Excel racing is the new breed of one make series, sweeping the country it is the first front wheel drive category to solidify a position in motor sport in Australia.



The original nation-wide one make series, with cars from Darwin to Hobart, Brisbane to Perth, originating in Tasmania the series had one race telecast supporting the Touring Cars and the rest was history, the mainland watched on and couldn't wait to get in on the action.



Originally intended to replace HQ Holden, instead a whole new group of competitors mixed with some ex-HQ drivers were attracted to the 'new for year 2000' category built on VN Commodores vs EA Falcons. Now sporting VT and AU models of each brand as well as their earlier siblings, these 6 cylinder cars provide fast, tight competition in full sized sedans.


One of the most competitive series in Australia, Formula Vee continues to provide some of the toughest competitions year in year out. Based on the Volkswagen flat 4 air cooled motor, the cars are lightweight single seaters, uniquely styled and easy to work on.



For all your Touring Car needs up to the end of 1972, look no further than the Historic Group N Touring Cars, by far the most popular historic group these cars do not need previous competition history and can be built as new, and there are lots of cars of all different shapes and sizes.



These are Sports Cars originally sold into the road car market by manufacturers, with everything from the lightly tweaked to the heavily modified. Nowhere else in circuit racing will you find a Ferrari 355 rubbing shoulders with an MGB GT V8, or Nissan's GTR R35 going toe to toe with an AC Cobra.



Raced the world over, these are single seat open wheelers powered by Ford's fantastic Kent 4 cylinder engine. With treaded tyres and no aero devices there is lots of action, plenty of slip-streaming and cost effective racing, while being one of the fastest cars on track.


Circuit racing karts from the 125cc non-gearbox juniors through to the 250cc gearbox Internationals and everything between, it doesn't get much faster or as low to the ground as Superkart.

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